Here at Theatr Clwyd, we’re missing the joy of seeing artists bump into each other on the stairs, in the green room, in our bar… those chance encounters that happen in our building when two creative people start talking and something just clicks.

Most of us are spending more time apart than ever before but some of us may have a little more free time, a wifi connection and a desire to connect to others working in this brilliant industry of ours. So perhaps now is as good a time as any to say ‘hello’ to someone new.

A Chance Encounter is our way of helping those hellos to happen. We will fix you up with a fellow creative you’ve never met for an online hangout, no expectations, no obligations, just you and a fellow creative.

You might meet a future collaborator, come up with a new idea for a project or just have a reassuring chat. At the very least, you’ll make a new connection - or, if you happen to be paired with someone you know, it’s a chance to reconnect. It’s also a great way for us at Theatr Clwyd to hear from more local, Welsh or Wales-based artists in these isolated times.

If you’re a professional artist (of any art form) and would like to get involved, fill in this Google form by 3 July with your name, where you’re based and a short paragraph about what you do. We will then pair you up with another participant and introduce you via email.

Please note that you must be aged 18+ to take part.