A Chance Encounter – Across Borders

Here at Theatr Clwyd we’re missing the joy of seeing freelancers bump into each other on the stairs, in the green room, in our bar… Those chance encounters that happen in our building when two people start talking and something just clicks.

Most of us are spending more time apart than ever before but some of us may have a little more free time, a wifi connection and a desire to connect to others working in this brilliant industry of ours. So perhaps now is as good a time as any to say ‘hello’ to someone new.

A Chance Encounter– Across Borders is our way of helping those hellos to happen. We will fix you up with a fellow theatre freelancer you’ve never met for an online hangout, no expectations, no obligations, just you and a fellow creative. And by ‘creative’, we mean any and all freelancers who work in our amazing cultural world, whether onstage or off, in a theatre, a gallery, a library or a circus, whether traditionally labelled as ‘creative’ or not (some stage managers we’ve been speaking to claim they’re not creative but we think they’re some of the most creative people we know).

You might meet a future collaborator, come up with a new idea for a project or just have a reassuring chat. At the very least, you’ll make a new connection - or, if you happen to be paired with someone you know, it’s a chance to reconnect. It’s also a great way for us at Theatr Clwyd to hear from freelancers in these isolated times.

We’d particularly love to hear from you if you’re in a different country so we can use this moment to reach across borders in a way which might not be possible in another time. We’d love to create a spider’s web of freelancers reaching from Wales across the globe.

Please note that you must be aged 18+ to take part.