Two young men kneel behind a large chest, looking out over it into the distance in shock. The boy on the left is wearing a tweed jacket with a bowtie while the boy on the left is wearing a patterned jumper. On top of the chest, between the boys, is a small fern tree in a pot


We work with new, emerging and established artists and creatives to create new work and develop artistic practice. Our alumni includes Wildcard Theatre, Tara Finney, Papertrail Productions, John Young, Hannah Noone, Manon Wyn Jones, Ben Norris, Tracy Harris, Matthew Bulgo, Alun Saunders, Lucy Rivers and many more.

"It was a total joy to spend time developing our new show at Theatr Clwyd. Milky Peaks was at that time at a point in its development where we needed to make some important choices and shifts in it, which seemed quite scary. The warmth of the welcome and the professionalism and non-pressurey attentiveness of the team there created the perfect environment for us to make these shifts and now the show is on a really exciting track"

Seiriol Davies - Milky Peaks

Assistant Directors

Assistant Directors play a crucial role within our creative teams. Our placements provide a vital learning opportunity for young directors. Each year we will work with organisations such as the JMK Trust and Bristol Old Vic Theatre School to provide placements, and we also invite applications for two of our productions each year.

Writer In Residence

We are a home for writers in Wales, offering the time and space to write within a community of fellow artists without the pressure of ‘showing’ or producing something. Residencies are connected to our in-house productions so that writers can get to know other artists working here, spend time observing rehearsals and develop ideas in a supportive environment. The scheme is generously supported by Gladstone’s Library. In 2020 residencies have been awarded to Hannah Daniel, Katie Elin-Salt, Jennifer Lunn, Wyn Mason, Lisa Parry, and Kristian Phillips.

Companies In Residence

We work with new companies to help support the development of innovative and exciting new projects. In 2020 we're excited to be working with self-styled national theatre collective Archipelago, Francesca Goodridge and Dan Lloyd, Welsh theatre company PRIDD and culturally diverse touring company Signdance Collective.

Our Projects