Taskforce Statement

In response to recent conversations about us, the organisations who have committed funds to the Wales, Culture and Race Taskforce, we want to confirm the nature of our involvement.

We have pledged financial support for the proposed initiative to form a Taskforce. This Taskforce is yet to be formed. We pledged our support with every good intention, recognising historic inaction and seeking to support the necessary and urgent work that needs to be done to combat systemic racism within the arts and cultural sector in Wales. We will take on the learning from this Taskforce and implement its findings throughout our programmes.

We want to support and engage with the working group that has come together to develop ideas around the creation of the Taskforce. We understand that this working group was set up in an open process for anyone to join. We do not condone or tolerate bullying or abuse of any kind, including that which has been described as taking place in spaces curated and facilitated on behalf of the working group, or on any platforms or other situations – whether in meetings or on social media.

We recognise the need to now pause to ensure that the processes developed and implemented in forming the Taskforce are rigorous, transparent, open and inclusive. Our role has not been to moderate or direct the work of this group, however as donor organisations we recognise that we need to be accountable for the investment we are making and the support we have given. Whilst we are not in a position to investigate the allegations made, we will be offering our support to the working group as they look at the issues raised and seek to move forward with the vital work of creating the Wales, Culture and Race Taskforce.