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It’s about time the theatre is brought into the 21st century! The plans look great. More accessibility within the building and auditoriums is great.
Guiding our future together

We serve our community - using their experience and knowledge to understand their needs and aspirations is vital to our capital redevelopment’s success.

Feedback is very important to us. An audience member asked us to become single-use plastic-free. We did, as did many of our suppliers to make this happen.

Since 2016 over 22,000 survey responses have helped to highlight issues with our building and drive our future plans.

But we wanted to discover how we could really serve our community going forward.

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The theatre is in desperate need of a total modernisation plan and hopefully this will be it. The area needs a state-of-the-art theatre for the future generations.

In 2017 over 2,200 people gave more invaluable feedback reinforcing the need to redevelop our building but also offering ideas for a more community focused venue - from children’s soft play and educational workshop spaces to improving disabled access.

We used this information, along with extensive offline consultation (that included roadshows, user groups sessions, individual and partner organisation consultation), to develop initial plans for this ambitious redevelopment, designed for, by and with the people we’re here for.

Using this award-winning team we will continue to ask those who will use and benefit most from this project what they need - whether it’s the exciting new Youth Hub, Health and Wellbeing suite, children’s soft play, public art or accessibility - people are at our heart.

Audience responses to 2019 Public Consultation

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Love the rainwater capture & improved energy efficiency. The more environmental improvements the better.

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These outline plans are good as a 40-year building certainly needs an update. We must not lose our theatre

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Exactly as I would expect with the current management team, the plans are so imaginative and forward looking. I love the idea of making the theatre more family friendly and greener. I also like the ideas to improve the seating arrangements in the main theatre. After reading each segment I thought: that’s exactly what is needed.