Culture In Communities

Accessible For Everyone

Using culture to change lives is core to our enduring legacy - we use our skills to underpin social transformation in our community.

We explore social issues through creative learning - Professor Sparky excites children about science, Connor’s Time develops consequential thinking in ‘at risk’ youths, whilst LAB Week fosters intergenerational understanding by sharing memories.

Culture makes lives better lived - from low-cost pricing for shows and inclusive year-round family arts, to close engagement in high deprivation groups with housing associations, homelessness agencies and refugees - cultural inclusivity helps bridge social and economic divides.

The development of theatre makers in our community is key to sustaining Wales and the UK’s cultural sector.

Safe creative spaces for writers and companies dovetail with technical apprentices, paid interns, trainee directors and emerging performers in building artistic excellence.

  • Creatively addressing current social and educational challenges
  • Cultural access across all socio-economic groups
  • Showcasing and supporting the best emerging and established talent in Wales and the UK

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Three teenage girls, intent on disrupting the show, were watching from a distance. Marginalised, known to police and social services, we talked to them, inviting them to see a pivotal (and very quiet) scene. A week later they came to the theatre - they missed having us around - now, working alongside social services, we’re starting a drama group just for them
Gwennan in our Engagement team supported Mold Riots, our large-scale site-specific community show.