The Great Gatsby - Digital Programme

The Story

1922. New York State. Jazz, glamour and speakeasies.

Nick Carraway rents a small house next to the lavish mansion of mysterious multi-millionaire Jay Gatsby. Life is normal at first, he visits his cousin Daisy and her husband Tom and begins a relationship with an attractive young woman called Jordan. As he discovers that Tom is in the midst of an affair, an unexpected invitation to one of his neighbour Jay Gatsby’s infamous parties turns his life upside down.

At the lavish party Nick meets its host, Jay Gatsby, and it turns out they have much in common – both served in the same division in the War - and Gatsby had, by chance, met and fallen deeply in love with Daisy. Nick is persuaded to arrange a reunion between Gatsby and Daisy where they begin a passionate affair. With lies building upon lies and suspicions growing among the group, a happily-ever-after is unlikely.

Who will stand, who will fall and what will become of the great Gatsby?

The Show

The show is immersive, meaning from the moment you enter Gatsby’s Mansion you’ll feel like you’ve been transported back to the roaring 1920s. You might start by having a cocktail at the bar before our cast welcome you into the world of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s, The Great Gatsby.

From there, the choice is yours. You might help Mr. Gatsby himself decide what suit to wear for the party, or even learn to dance with Daisy and Jordan.

You’re never forced to do anything and if you prefer to observe from the side-lines, nobody will mind.


The Creative Team

Originally co-created by Michael Lambourne, Phil Grainger, Hannah Davies, Amie Burns Walker, Holly Beasley-Garrigan, Oliver Tilney, Thomas Maller.

With thanks to:

  • The Dolphin Hotel
  • Moira Stanley, Donation of the piano
  • Eloise Hawes & Leah Foulkes, Wrexham Glyndŵr University Placement
  • Penderyn Distillery
  • Ashley Tilbury, Stage Management Placement
  • Royal Exchange Theatre, Manchester, Liverpool Playhouse, Birmingham Repertory Theatre
  • The Theatr Clwyd Team
  • All our funders and supporters