Name a Dressing Room Mirror

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Be brave, be brilliant, have fun.
Kate Wasserberg - Artistic Director

Kate is helping our actors prepare for their debut on stage - can you help them too?

Dressing room mirrors are an iconic piece of the backstage world. Surrounding each dressing room mirror are a multitude of exposed lightbulbs simulating lighting conditions on stage, so make-up can be perfected, costumes can be adjusted or tweaked, and pre-show nerves managed.

By putting your name against one, you will be directly supporting our redevelopment work.

A unique limited opportunity, only 48 available. Your name will be engraved on a plaque next to the mirror and you will be invited to a Panto technical rehearsal as our thank you.


If you would like to donate monthly please contact

Lily Peers-Dent, Development Assistant or call 01352 609143