Which Are You?

From your seat you can be transported to a different time and place, you can be called to action, cry with laugher, see the world with a child’s eyes. The Emlyn Williams Theatre can evoke all these emotions, but which one do you identify most with?

Choose which one represents you the most and support the redevelopment of Theatr Clwyd by naming a seat in this flexible space. Seats in the Emlyn Williams Theatre move around in different formations, to create the unique ‘studio’ experience loved by many, so we can’t guarantee where your seat will be or its availability for specific productions, but a plaque in the theatre will additionally recognise your dedication and support of this vital building.

The Political One

Do you always start the debate? Become impassioned when you see injustice? From performances such as The Assassination of Katie Hopkins and Thick as Thieves, this space has it all.

Pick your passion

The Family One

Full of wonder? Dare to dream? A space to watch theatre with a child’s eyes. Full of adventure from Wave Me Goodbye to Hansel & Gretel Fairytale Detectives there is no stopping imagination

Pick your passion

The Comedy One

Like to laugh? The first one to giggle? Let the tears flow in this flexible space which housed the Olivier Award winning Best Comedy, Home, I’m Darling.

Pick your passion

The Classic One

Do you know your Emlyn from Tennessee and you can’t see a period costume without checking its authenticity? We have staged many a classic show in this space from Uncle Vanya to Of Mice and Men it will transport you to another time and place.

Pick your passion