Green & Sustainable

There is no bigger challenge than climate change, with projections of increasing severity predicted over the coming years. We must act decisively and ambitiously to transform the way we live, work - and, of course - make art. We are perfectly positioned to inspire and galvanise change. We were the first arts organisation to have an environmental policy in Wales and we’re convening others as an external committee to help shape, support and frame our conversations around what next. These are individuals invested in harnessing Wales’ natural power, green finance, cultural ambassadors working towards alternative futures and Funders accelerating the adoption of carbon-neutral technologies. Wales’ Wellbeing of Future Generations Act offers a unique opportunity and our CEO’s Board appointment with the Growth Deal for North Wales (promoting the Low Carbon Energy Programme, Centre for Environmental Technology, and transport decarbonization) frames our agenda.

We are a super-charged senior team, and we match words with practice - from reusing, recycling or refurbishing sets, costumes and props to swapping single-use plastics for green alternatives. We need a building to match our ambition and incubate our growing environmental practice. It will be a convening of hands, hearts and minds, offering a microcosm of sustainability and marking Wales’ commitment to future generations and cultural leadership.

A leading green building

• We will showcase energy efficiency, low-carbon and renewable technologies, working alongside nature.

PVT Solar panels harness the sun’s energy to reduce our electricity use

Harvested rainwater to flush the toilets

Better insulation will reduce heating usage

Air source heat pumps and natural ventilation reduce reliance on gas

Green walls and roofs for insulation and biodiversity

Built from sustainable materials - not concrete

All redevelopment images by Haworth Tompkins