The Japanese Youth Exchange // 青少年交換留学

Tell us your memories of the Exchange! Did you take part in the Youth Exchange over the past 30 years?

We would like to hear from you!

We would like to reach as many people as far and wide as possible to hear your unique stories, experiences, and anecdotes of the Japan Youth Exchange in Flintshire.

-Have you made any friendships since the exchange?

-Did you take part in the first exchange in 1992?

-What did you do during your two weeks?

-Do you have any photos or videos to share with us?

-Are you based in Japan and would like to share your story?

We want to hear your unique stories for a unique celebration performance that we’re creating in July 2023.




  • 留学後、友交関係はできましたか。
  • 最初の交換留学は1992年でしたが、それに参加されました方のお話お聞かせください。
  • 2週間の留学で、どのようなことをされましたか。
  • 交換留学での写真やビデオで一般の方にお見せできるものはお持ちでしょうか。
  • 日本からの留学生の皆様からも交換留学の経験のお話をお聞かせください。


How can I get in touch?

  1. Use the form
    If you click here, you can use our special form where you can write your memory!

  2. E-mail us some pictures
    You can e-mail us at with e-mail attachments

  3. Record a video
    If you want to record a video of your memory then WeTransfer it to us at
  4. Send us some audio
    If you want to record audio on your phone of your memory then WeTransfer it to us at


1. 特別フォームの使用


2. 写真は電子メールで




4. 音声で送る場合