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5 Stars

Broadway Baby

5 Stars

Three Weeks

Joe has always been a nerd.

In his teens, he hid it. In his twenties, he owned it. Now in his thirties, Joe is still obsessed with Star Wars, Nintendo and The Muppet Christmas Carol. But he’s started to sense something: a great disturbance in the fandom… Alone, sorting through his old things, Joe finds an old video tape, in an old VCR, long forgotten. He presses play – and something amazing starts to happen…

Fanboy is a love-hate letter to pop culture and nostalgia. Award-winning writer-performer Joe Sellman-Leava (Fringe First, Labels) explores our relationship to our past and future selves, and asks why his generation is so obsessed with its childhood.


  • 4 Stars

    Complex and very moving.
    The Scotsman
  • 5 Stars

    It's a fascinating piece...full of surprises
    Broadway Baby