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Part of Truth or Dare...

Our follow up to 2021's Curtain Up.
10 short plays to tantalise and delight from 10 of our best playwrights.
With murder-mysteries, local legends and courtroom comedies.


Five mischievous plays asking how far we will go when provoked.

Spin the bottle, risk it all.
I’ll show you mine if you show me yours.

See this if you enjoy anthology series like Inside No. 9, Black Mirroror Alan Bennett’s Talking Heads.

See both Truth and Dare in our subscription!

Bring a prop* - we dare you!
Keep the actors on their toes by bringing a prop to be used in the show.
What legendary artifact will be unearthed?
Will the murder weapon be a whisk or a whistle?

*Nothing that you can’t take through airport security.
No liquids, no perishables, no live animals, flora or fauna, no dangerous items, nothing larger than hand-luggage and leave your handcuffs at home 😉😈