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As a volunteer usher for six years, one of the best parts of the role is watching the reaction of the audience members. I’ve donated to the name a seat campaign to support Theatr Clwyd and ensure audiences get to laugh and cry at the on-stage antics for generations to come.
Elaine, Volunteer Usher

The redevelopment has started at Theatr Clwyd and the seats have become part of the story. Now is the time to name one of the seats in our beloved theatre and cinema spaces, not only becoming part of Theatr Clwyd’s history but also safeguarding it for generations to come.

As a thank you we can place a plaque on a seat in your name or in memory of a loved one, but you better be quick we are limited to only one plaque per seat.

Theatr Clwyd Cinema

We only have a handful of cinema seats available. Please contact, Lily Peers-Dent, if you would like to name one.

This boutique space is undergoing a transformation to improve the visitor experience and these comfy seats will become the star of the show as a slight alteration to the screen will improve sightlines.

As a thank you for your support of the redevelopment of Theatr Clwyd we will also invite you to a technical rehearsal of one our productions - an opportunity to see theatre making as it happens!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I donate to the name a seat campaign in instalments?

Yes, we are offering a monthly donation option. For more information about how you can donate monthly to support the campaign please contact or 01352 406916.

How long will my name be on the seat?

Your plaque will remain in place for the lifetime of the seat, up to 25 years. Your plaque will be a recognition of the support that you have given to Theatr Clwyd to ensure that future generations also get to enjoy fantastic productions in our theatre and cinema spaces.

How can I name more than one seat online?

If you would like to name more than one seat please edit the donation amount when you checkout.

Can you guarantee that I will get my name on a particular seat?

We will do our very best to ensure that your name is placed on your preferred seat in the AHT and cinema, however this is a live redevelopment and seating plans could change. The EWT is a flexible space and as a result the seat with your name on might be in a different position every time you visit!

Will I always get to sit on the seat with my name?

If given enough notice we will try our best to ensure that you can sit on the seat with your name on when you visit the AHT and cinema. This will not be possible in the EWT as it is a flexible space with seats in different configurations during different shows. Some seats in the AHT and EWT will be unavailable during certain performances due to the nature of the spaces and specific requirements of individual shows.

Can I add a sentence to my plaque?

We are able to offer seats in your name or in memory of a loved one. For tax and gift aid reasons we are unable to offer further dedications or unique quotes. To confirm the text you would like transcribed on your plaque please contact Janine Dwan, or 01352 406916.

How will I let you know the name I want on my plaque and my preferred seat?
If you donate online we will send you an email with a form to complete the following day. If you have a preferred seat that you would like to request please contact Janine Dwan, or 01352 406916.

Will the theatre and cinema spaces be accessible?

The newly redeveloped theatre will be fully accessible in both the public spaces and the backstage areas.

In the Anthony Hopkins Theatre there will be step free access to both rows D, E and Q with wheelchair spaces and companion seats available. The Emlyn Williams Theatre, will have step free access and wheelchair spaces available including, for the first time, wheelchair spaces on the balcony that can be accessed via one of the three new lifts in the building. The cinema will get a brand new lift to make it more accessible and will retain the original wheelchair spaces and companion seating.