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5 Stars

London Theatre Reviews

4 Stars

A Younger Theatre
A love story about finding salvation in someone else.

Simon has returned to uni after taking a year out. He just wants to get on with his finals and not slip back into old, destructive habits.

Mia, a first-year, is embracing the explosive freedom of life away from home.

Simon doesn’t want to leave his room. But then he meets Mia.

was awarded a runner-up prize for the Ambassador Theatre Group Playwrights’ Prize, in association with Platform Presents and Time Out.


  • 5 Stars

    Theatre is alchemy, but not the impossible kind. You can have all the right ingredients and mix them in the right quantities and produce something shiny - but to spin gold, you need something indefinable... and it's there in Ikaria.
    Broadway World
  • 4 Stars

    The performers are both outstanding, the writing utterly convincing and the production is beautifully directed
    The Peg
  • 4 Stars

    A well-crafted rollercoaster
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  • 4 Stars

    With a great cast, fascinating writing and direction, Ikaria is an important play
    Rachel Reviewed