Woman looking angry and determined with fist and arm raised above her head.

Beautiful Evil Things

Past Production

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A fierce, funny, bloody take on some of the oldest stories known to woman. From a killer Gorgon.

What if there was another take on the Trojan war?

Enter Medusa. Monstrous gorgon? Snakes for hair? A turn-to-stone glare?
Perhaps. But she was there - as a bodiless head strapped to the shield of a goddess. Her forever-open-eyes saw it all: Epic combat. Mighty swords. Giant horse-sculptures filled with men. But as the war raged on, Medusa’s petrifying gaze focused on three extraordinary women who might just hold the key to her ultimate hope.

This high-energy show combines physical storytelling & cut-throat wit.


  • 4 Stars

    The Guardian
  • 5 Stars

    The Scotsman
  • 4 Stars

    The Stage