Emlyn Williams Theatre


Flexible studio space for 147 – 250 depending on layout. Upholstered seating on steeldeck rostra, can be arranged in many formats. Plans of standard layouts available. Visiting companies normally use one of two possible end stage arrangement, giving either 167 seats with 7m full height stage depth, or 147 seats with 8m stage depth. Lighting / seating balcony round sides can give up to 20 extra seats.Control and viewing rooms at balcony level.

  • Floor area 16m x 16m; performing area variable between 5m x 5m to 7m x 16m.
  • Clearance under catwalks 6m, except for underneath US catwalk – this is 5.6m
  • Wing space formed within floor area by layout.
  • Access to all corners of space from outside.
  • Lighting / seating balcony on three sides, 1m wide, 3.24m clearance under. Control Room takes up part of balcony on one side.
  • Three winch bars US for cyc/Blacks/Lx.
  • Prompt Desk normally in control room; can be at floor level.
  • Get in at stage level; twin loading bay, each door 2.75m x 3.1m, then via double door 1.6m wide x 3.1m high.
  • Upright piano available.
Lighting and Sound
  • Lighting catwalks in a ‘noughts and crosses’ grid over the whole space, with a perimeter catwalk around the edges. Lighting bars at waist height on all edges of all catwalks.
  • See plans and schedules.
Dressing rooms
  • Four at balcony level, accommodating 15, all with shower.Toilets at stage and balcony level.
  • Disabled toilet at stage level, Green Room with catering service, and bathroom, all shared with Anthony Hopkins Theatre.Coin-operated launderette machines available.

For technical enquiries about these spaces or to send us your production’s plans and tech specs:

Professional visiting companies
Geoff Farmer
01352 701896

Community companies
Jim Davis
01352 701578