Glyndwr Uni Placements

Glyndwr University Placements - (COMING JAN 23)

At various points throughout the year, we are able to offer 1-2 placements in a particular area of interest. This is open to Glyndwr Uni Students only and is unpaid. Please note, every department will have different times that they are available to offer a placement.

To register your interest, please introduce yourself – tell us a little bit about who you are, and why you are interested in this opportunity/Theatr Clwyd. We accept this in whatever format works best for you. (A short video link, portfolio, or a CV and Cover Letter)

Please send these documents to

Once we have received your information, if there is a placement available, we will invite you to come and meet us.

*Applications are currently closed.

Theatr Clwyd Departments:-

  • Marketing and Communications
  • Producing & Programming
  • Production
  • Finance
  • Operations
  • Creative Engagement
  • Music
  • Development