Theatr Clwyd Music (TCM) has a large stock of musical instruments which it is pleased to make available to learners to assist with their musical studies for a fee of £30. We ask that you accept responsibility for the safety and security of the instrument whilst in your care and suggest you insure the instrument against loss.

TCM will assume responsibility for general maintenance resulting from ‘fair wear and tear’.

We ask you to take responsibility for:

  • Safe-keeping and proper use
  • Replacement of “consumables”: strings, reeds, oil etc
  • Repairs for damage caused through misuse or neglect
  • The full replacement cost, if the instrument is lost or stolen
Instruments Available

Currently we offer violins, clarinets, and cornets for hire. Usually we would offer a wide range of the most common instruments which are suitable for beginners. However, we are unable to offer harps, keyboards, all guitars, percussion or drum kits for hire. Most of our instruments are not new, but they are all cleaned and checked before each hire.

TCM endeavours to maintain our stock of instruments in good working order. We ask that you assist us in this task through regular instrument cleaning as detailed by TCM teachers, so that future generations of children may also benefit from a loan instrument.

Terms and Conditions
  1. A TCM instrument may only be loaned to a learner in receipt of lessons from TCM or member of a Theatr Clwyd Music School Ensemble.
  2. The instrument, including the bow or mouthpiece where applicable, and its case will at all times remain the property of TCM and may be recalled for inspection at any time.
  3. The loan is made on the understanding that the instrument will be returned promptly at the end of the loan period and in the same condition as it was issued, allowing for normal ‘wear and tear’.
  4. TCM will withdraw the instrument and case from the pupil if instrumental tuition ceases and may do so if in TCM’s opinion the instrument is not looked after adequately.
  5. The instrument will be issued in good playing order. The cost of replacing strings, rosin, reeds, grease or oil as necessary must be borne by the parent/guardian.
  6. TCM will be responsible for general maintenance of the instrument as a result of fair wear and tear.
  7. The parent/guardian must accept responsibility for the proper care and safeguarding of the instrument on loan.
  8. In the event of damage to, or loss of, the instrument or case TCM must be informed immediately. Under no circumstances should a parent or guardian attempt to repair the instrument. Parents/Guardians will be responsible for the cost of repairs up to and including full replacement cost. TCM may, in its sole discretion, in individual cases waive these charges.
  9. Parents/guardians are advised to arrange Insurance cover for instruments on loan or arrange for them to be specifically noted on their household Insurance policies.
  10. Instruments should not be left in an unattended vehicle. The instrument must not be used by any person other than the student to whom it is on loan.
  11. All students leaving full-time education must hand their instrument in to TCM before the end of their final school term.
  12. Woodwind and Brass instruments: Loans are initially made for two academic years. Thereafter students will need to make arrangements to purchase their own instruments.
  13. Bowed string instruments: String Instruments maybe loaned on a longer time scale, particularly while a student continues to grow. However parents are encouraged to make provision for purchasing a full-sized instrument once their child reaches that stage.
  14. The loan period is deemed as an Academic Year and the maintenance fee is for part or full academic year maintenance.
  15. The level of charge is reviewed annually.