Micro-Bursaries for Freelancers

Micro-bursaries for freelancers to give the space and time to think, dream, breathe, learn, create, debate, develop, design, inspire, perspire and laugh...

We will pay you £560 (the equivalent of one week’s Theatr Clwyd company wage) – for a week of your time, a month of one hour moments, or something in between – for you to use as you see fit.

You can work remotely or we can give you space in our building – please note that we can’t provide travel expenses or accommodation (if helpful, we have space around our building for tents or caravans).

We can give you individual time with any of our team members at Theatr Clwyd.

Whilst we will of course want to hear about what you might discover with this time, there is no obligation on you to produce anything and no obligation on us to produce anything you might create – there is simply the time and space you need, and the beginning or the continuation of a conversation with us.