An elderly woman in a hooded cloak stares into the camera. In the background, at night,  two young women look at each other, stood in the countryside. Behind them is an old house with one light on in an upstairs room.

The Croft

Past Production

Ali Milles

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4 Stars

Creative Reviews UK
Based on a true story.

In the remote Scottish Highlands two women arrive at a former Crofters Hut in the deserted village of Coillie Ghille. When suddenly the weekend getaway takes an unexpected turn. Cut off from the modern world, Laura and Suzanne find themselves drawn into the dark history of the Croft and the lives that passed before them.

In this bold and haunting new play the present interweaves with the past as ancient tales surface and the terrifying truth lurking In the Croft is revealed.

Starring national treasure Gwen Taylor (Barbara, A Bit of A Do, Coronation Street,Heartbeat) and Caroline Harker (Middlemarch, A Touch of Frost).

The Original Theatre Company


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    A guaranteed evening of intriguing mystery, one that will keep you on your toes and ears pricked until the final beat.
    Creative Reviews UK
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    A triumph of suspenseful writing... this excellent thriller, a remarkably adept piece for Ali Milles’s first play.
    British Theatre Guide
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    A haunting story of resilience, pain and loss… a compelling and engaging performance wrapped up in a tiny world, painted full of texture and history.
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