Rainbow Shoebox Appeal

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Making the world a happier place.

Theatr Clwyd and Flintshire County Council are working together to bring a box of joy to vulnerable children in North Wales who’ve been impacted by the pandemic. We’re asking people to donate shoe boxes full of fun, colorful treats to make the world a brighter place for a young person.

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“We have been overwhelmed by the amazing response from our community, many people brought more than one box, Buckley Town Football club organised collections and the craft, creativity and quality of what we received was heart-warming.”
Gwennan Mair | Director of Creative Engagement

How can I get started?
  • You need a shoebox (or a box that’s shoe sized!) – it needs to have a lid (so things don’t fall out) and it can be beautiful and personalized or just nice and simple.
  • Add your own message of support or inspiration.
  • Things you might add:
    • Treats and/or healthy snacks - sweets, crisps, chocolate, raisins, fruit bars etc…
      (Please make sure everything’s in date and in original packaging!)
    • Toys and games - They can be new or second-hand (but need all the parts!)
    • Arts and crafts
    • Books, comics, magazines and DVDs
    • Seeds and (little) plant pots
  • Add an age tag to the box (so it goes to the right age of child!)
  • Don’t seal the box so that we can do one last double check before they’re sent out!

How do I make sure the box is safe?
  • Wash your hands before you put together your shoe box
  • Clean items where appropriate with anti-bacterial wipes if you have these available. Once you’ve made it then reduce contact with it until you need to drop it off!

Where do I take the box?
  • You’ll need to book a drop-off time - See below!
  • The collection dates are Thursday 2 July at Theatr Clwyd
  • We’ll have volunteers there to help and there will be strict instructions and social distancing when you’re here.

What will happen to my shoebox?

Your shoe box will be stored for a minimum of 72 hours (to make sure it’s safe) and then delivered to an appropriately aged vulnerable child. It’ll make a massive difference to them during this challenging time

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