Kitsch n Sync

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Tally Ho!

Haughty horse trainers having a day at the races!... Watch as they canter, trot and gallop their way across the race track, leaping over hurdles to reach the finish line on their bouncy trotters! Half lady, half horse, these manic mistresses will put you through your paces and train you up for the big race ahead. These ‘ladies what race’ are ruthless and have their eye firmly on this year's derby prize trophy, but who will win? Take your bets for this race of a lifetime as you enter into this bazaar world of equine! Have you got what it takes?….Off you trot!… ‘Tally Ho! This walkabout is really fun and participatory for the children as we get them to race each other on horse shaped space hoppers.

Trepidatious Clowns

Follow our trio of trepidatious clowns on a curious quest, bumbling through billowing clouds and soaring through the stratosphere to fantastical new heights! Join them on their journey of foggy faux pas and blustery buffoonery to make-believe lands where the audience and passers-by become the inhabitants of these strange new terrains. Where are they going and will they ever find what they’re looking for? Please point them in the right direction, these weary wanderers need your help!