Wearing A bald man's face is split down the middle. On the left side of his face he is frowning, with a background of illustrated stormy oceans and an alien spaceship. On the right side he is smiling with an illustrated background of the sun shining, mountains, plants and a rocketship.


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Joygernaut uses spoken word, comedy, physical theatre and origami to tell the story of one man chasing success at increasing cost to his own mental health. Pitching acts of kindness against cruelty, it tells the story of one man and his pursuit of happiness, money, status, and the hand of his ex-girlfriend.

Joygernaut is the first show by BBC Verb New Voice and Glastonbury Slam Champion, Andy Craven-Griffiths. It explores the complexities of kindness, cruelty, and masculinity, and leaves you feeling more hopeful.

Andy Craven-Griffiths


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    Andy will blow you away. He’s exciting and strong. A talent for the page and the stage.
    Lemn Sissay MBE