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Fran Wen

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4 Stars

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It's the party that changes her world forever.

Josie discovers a magical underwater party that's better than any human party ever. It's a world where she finds her true self - and Imrie Sallow.

Above the water she feels lost in a world where she doesn't belong, with a sister who wants her to be 'happy and normal'. But a family secret emerges from the shadows of the ethereal world that changes everything.

Imrie, the new play by Nia Morais (Crafangau / Claws, A Midsummer Night’s Dream - Sherman Theatre), is a story about hope and bravery.

Directed by Gethin Evans (Woof, Ynys Alys, Galwad).

Frân Wen | Sherman Theatr

Performances will have open captions in English and Welsh.

0 Stars

"A new, fresh and young new voices that brings a completely new tone to Welsh language theatre"

0 Stars

"A refreshing and stirring piece of theatre"
The Stage


Rebecca Wilson

(The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time National Theatre / Frantic Assembly)

Elan Davies

(Y Goleudu & Y Doniolis S4C)