5 plays | 10 Actors | 1 amazing show

Lose yourself in unexpected stories - from mysterious packages to boldly going back in time - comedy, drama and passion collide in this evening of short plays!

Five plays for the price of one!

Each week brings five new short plays, performed as a collection by 10 actors.

Keep the actors on their toes as YOU decide who plays who, what they wear and which props they use!

Performed in the round by familiar faces from stage and screen, written by some of our most exciting playwrights!

See this if you love: Alan Bennett's Talking Heads, Whose Line Is It Anyway? or Black Mirror

Plays & Writers

The five plays performed during this week will be:

by Alun Saunders

What do you need to start building a new nation? Borders, flags, national symbols, government, or maybe a language plan. But when everyone's offended by something maybe disunity is where togetherness begins? A smart comedy about nation and identity.

Normal Day
by Amy Bethan Evans

Do you remember before it all happened? The stuff we did, the places we went, how we acted? On Back To Normal Day everything will be fine won't it? But what happens when normal feels less important and suddenly overwhelming?

by Katherine Chandler

First dates are hell. All you've shared are your crudely-assembled profiles. Putting yourself out there, hoping they'll look back and say yes. A witty, clever, romantic comedy about saying hello for the first time.

by Mali Ann Rees

Beth and Hannah are best friends, dancing, football, school, joined at the hip, together forever. Until they aren't. Until their paths diverge, the distance grows and life takes hold.

In The End
by Tracy Harris

Behind the happy smiles, the compliments and the compromises is what we really think about our relationship. Fantasising how it might be different, and how it'd come crumbling down. We've all thought it, doing it however...

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