5 plays | 10 Actors | 1 amazing show

Lose yourself in unexpected stories - from mysterious packages to boldly going back in time - comedy, drama and passion collide in this evening of short plays!

Five plays for the price of one!

Each week brings five new short plays, performed as a collection by 10 actors.

Keep the actors on their toes as YOU decide who plays who, what they wear and which props they use!

Performed in the round by familiar faces from stage and screen, written by some of our most exciting playwrights!

See this if you love: Alan Bennett's Talking Heads, Whose Line Is It Anyway? or Black Mirror

Plays & Writers

The five plays performed during this week will be:

Just Another Blue Marble
by Meredydd Barker

Space, the final frontier... There's a spaceship heading to Earth, its crew a little, well, odd. But are they really visitors from another world? This hilarious absurdist comedy with shades of Doctor Who and The Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy.

Finding Feet
by Sam O'Rourke

What's made you who you are today? The steps you've taken? The falls you've had? Or the Doctor recommended by Jessie J and Nicholas Witchell? A funny, soulful, touching monologue.

The Ongoing Eternal Search For "Da"
by Mari Izzard

Ever feel like you're living in a video game? Levelling up, finding perks, keeping your energy bar high, reset and back the the start. In this dark comedy, relationship drama who will win the blame game? Zelda and Mario meets Whose Afraid Of Virginia Woolf.

Nine Point Two Minutes
by Ming Ho

What can you achieve in 9.2 minutes? Can you really understand someone's problems, or make a diagnosis, or change a life? The underappreciated world of the GP is explored from both sides of the welcome desk in this moving, affecting drama.

Life 2.0
by Matthew Bulgo

An unexpected item is left on the doorstep. But what is it? Why's it here? And should we touch it? When you start asking if inanimate objects are friend or foe there's more to this than meets the eye. A Black Mirror style short mixed with unexpected improvisation...

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