Brennan Reece

Work in Progress

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Brennan has had a cracking few years.

Blue tick worthy. That Mancunian scamp was nominated for Best Newcomer at the Edinburgh Fringe, he managed to get out of the one of the roughest council estates in the North and got himself on the telly. He even did Live At The Apollo for goodness sake…and yet, that little curly haired, working class wordsmith is still sad…well, happy sad.

The world is getting a bit too much for him, and so, Brennan Reece (comedian, working class hero, uncle) is setting out to explore what is making him so so sad, and why he feels he has to put a on a brave face all the time. Spoiler…the thing that makes him sad is his phone. And the news. Oh, and writing blurbs in the third person, when it is so clear that it’s him…me…us.

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