Being Mr Wickham

Past Production

Adrian Lukis and Catherine Curzon

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5 Stars

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5 Stars

Broadway World
Mr Wickham is ready to set the record straight.

Adrian Lukis (Pride and Prejudice, BBC) stars as Pride and Prejudice’s most roguish gentleman, George Wickham. Now, on the eve of his sixtieth birthday, he’ll lift the sheets on what exactly what happened thirty years on from where we left him...

What really happened with Darcy…?

What did he feel about Lizzie…?

What happened at Waterloo?

Not to mention Byron…

Performed by Adrian Lukis
Written by Adrian Lukis and Catherine Curzon
Directed by Guy Unsworth

Original Theatre Company

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  • 5 Stars

    An hour in the company of Lukis’ Wickham is all the fun you’d hope it would be
    The Reviews Hub
  • 5 Stars

    A glorious tour de force
    Pocketsize Theatre
  • 4 Stars

    A fine one-man show
    The Sunday Times
  • 4 Stars

    The Telegraph
  • 5 Stars

    Broadway World