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John Cleese

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A new farce by John Cleese.

Based on ‘Monsieur Chasse’ by Georges Feydeau
Starring Tessa Peake-Jones (Only Fools and Horses), Tony Gardner (My Parents are Aliens) and Wendi Peters (Coronation Street).

John Cleese makes his stage writing debut with a hilarious new adaptation of this classic comedy – a delicious blend of French Farce and Fawlty Towers.

When Leontine, a respectable society lady, discovers that she’s been hoodwinked by her husband, Duchotel, who’s always pretending to go hunting but really chasing after other ‘prey’, she vows to take revenge on the philanderer! But while Duchotel’s away, his lifelong friend comes calling – and he’s on the hunt too.

Will Leontine get caught in his sights, or instead set a trap of her own?

Secrets unravel as the devilish Duchotel finds himself snared in a door-slamming, trouser-dropping, balcony-climbing night of chaos set amidst the stylish apartments of Paris.

Dermot McLaughlin Productions
Charles H Duggan & Brian Zucker
In association with Farces Galore
Exeter Northcott Theatre

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    Cleese is a master of surreal British slapstick
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