Anthony Hopkins Theatre

Single raked tier, continental seating giving maximum seating of 569 –  519 seats, 5 wheelchair spaces, plus 45 on forestage lifts.
Forestage lifts for stage, seating or orchestra pit.
Control, projection and viewing rooms at rear.


Proscenium stage; opening 10.65metres x 6.5m high (variable).
Safety Curtain to back wall 10.74 metres.
Safety Curtain to front of stage 1.11 metres.
Front of stage to front of forestage 3.72 metres.
Flat stage, sprung hardwood floor, hardboard surface.
Carpet cuts, footlight troughs, and trapdoors in stage floor, normally hardboarded over.
Wing widths 8 metres SR, 2.5 metres SL.
59 single purchase counterweight sets SL (inc 2 up and down)
Grid height 18.48m
Forestage lifts can give orchestra pit for 40.

Bosendorfer Imperial grand piano.
Prompt Corner SL.
Get in at stage level; twin loading bay, each door 2.75m high x 3.1m.

Lighting and Sound.
See plans and schedules.

Dressing rooms.
Six at stage level, accommodating 24, all with shower.
(DR4 for 4, DR5 for 5, DR6 for 3, DR7 for 3, DR8 for 5, DR9 for 4)
Toilets and disabled toilet at stage level.
Visiting company office.
Green Room with catering service on first floor.
Bathroom on first floor.
Two band rooms below stage.
Coin-operated launderette machines available.

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AHT GP July 2017


AHT Section July 2017


AHT GP and Section July 2017.dwg


AHT Plan LX Detail March 2019


AHT Plan LX Detail March 2019.dwg


AHT- Technical Overview September 2018


AHT LX Spec September 18


AHT Sound Spec September 2018


Theatr Clwyd Anthony Hopkins Theatre (AHT) Hanging Plot


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AHT images:

Front and Rear Slot Position

FOH Void Truss and Ladder Bar AHT SR Rear Slot and F Spot Position AHT Pit Lifts with Seats AHT Auditorium from Stage Rear Auditorium Lighting Bar Bridge 3 Max Face Lighting Reach Extreme Forestage 15 Deg S4Z Bridge 2 Max Face Lighting Reach Person inline Bar 11 - 15 Deg S4Z AHT General Rear of Prosc View AHT SL Perches View of Bridges and Rear Aud Bar from Setting Line Upper and Lower Assemblies