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The best seats for the best prices

Theatre Package
Buy 5 shows save 25%!

Applies to:


  • The best seats for the best prices
  • 15% off when you book tickets for selected additional productions*
  • Free ticket exchanges

Flexible Season Ticket
3 shows save 15% | 5 shows save 20%

Choose 3 or more of the following:


  • The best seats for the best prices
  • Free ticket exchanges


  • Any terms and conditions?
    Subscription tickets don’t apply to Open Dress rehearsals or the lowest price band of ticket (typically the £10 tickets) and they’re also subject to availability.
  • How do I book them?
    You’ve two main ways – you can either book with our friendly box office staff on 01352 701521 who can advise you on the best place to sit and the best availability OR you can book online. When booking online simply put all your tickets in the basket and as soon as you put tickets for enough shows in your basket the discount will be activated.
  • My tickets aren’t appearing in my basket?
    Double check that you haven’t selected tickets from the lowest price band (usually green on our seating plan) or for our Open Dress rehearsal as the Subscription savings do not apply on those tickets.

There are too many amazing shows – what do I choose?
Our apologies – we do recommend them all… so, we’re not a great help in narrowing them down!

The Small Print:  Offer is subject to availability | No refunds will be given as a result of this or any subsequent offers | Offer applies to specified shows only | Offer cannot be used on open dress performances or on the lowest price band of ticket (usually £10 tickets) | *Applies to: Sticks and Stones, Island Town, Nyrsys & Rambert2 – must be booked in a separate transaction | Subscription packages must be booked in the same transaction.