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How our pricing works

Over the last few months we’ve been doing lots of work to make the customer experience even better – this has included introduction of the season ticket (more?) as well as adjusting how our pricing works.

In the past the cheapest seats were on the back row, with the next cheapest in front of them and towards the front and the most expensive seats in the middle. It’s very similar in lots of theatres around the UK.

However, we found a couple of issues – firstly we’d always have a full back row and the centre of the auditorium would be full but the experience wasn’t always great for both the audience and the actors – secondly our really loyal bookers, those who book early and often weren’t getting rewarded…

Our new pricing is to help our audience get the best for less and improve the experience.

Our cheapest seats (usually from £10) are the front few rows – with at least 10% of the seats for a production available at that price. The seats get more expensive the further back you sit. What this has meant is that the atmosphere of each performance is much better – everyone is closer to the action – the experience is better for audience and actor alike.

Prices are no longer fixed (they may go up) so it’s important to book early to get the best seats at the best available prices. If you book at the last minute tickets may be more expensive than if you booked a week earlier, or a month, or six months.

We hope this helps explain some of our changes – below we’ve put together a list of frequently asked questions to help guide you!


  • How do I get the cheapest seats?
    To get the cheapest seats book as early as possible – they’re allocated on a first-come-first-served basis – if you can’t find any on our website then please ring our box office on 01352 701521 and they’ll be able to advise you on availability.
  • If I come and see more than one show do I get a discount?
    It depends on the show. Our season ticket discount applies to many of our main house productions when you book 3 or more of them while we also have a discount for buying multiple comedy club events.
  • When do prices go up?
    It changes. The prices are all based on demand. For really popular shows they will go up faster. The key is to book as early as possible.
  • Will my tickets be cheaper?
    Very possibly. We’ve changed our price bands so some seats that would previously have been the most expensive are now less.
  • Aren’t you just making tickets more expensive?
    It’s really important to us that theatre is as accessible as possible – that why our new pricing has more tickets at the lowest advertised price than we ever had before.
  • Do you still do open dress rehearsals?
    Yes we do! Theatr Clwyd productions often have an open dress rehearsal where tickets are just £5. These aren’t the final production (but are very close to), it’s the last run-through before we officially open so the show may stop, or pause. It’s a peek behind the curtain of theatre-making.
  • I’m bringing a group – can you help?
    We have group discounts for most productions. E-mail and they can contact you and help – alternatively simply ring our box office on 01352 701521.
  • What’s the best possible deal I can get?
    If you book early enough you can see all 12 of our season ticket shows for £120, or if you upgrade into slightly better seats, you can get the season ticket offer which will save you 20% (or 25% if you book before Fri 8 Dec!)