Criw Celf Art Masterclasses

Criw Celf Art Masterclasses for More Able & Talented Children.

Criw Celf offers a specialist training programme for children who are more able and talented in the visual arts. Our programme of special art master classes, with professional artists, offers its members opportunities to…

• Access to high-quality & in-depth additional art education
• Foster and develop skills and understanding of visual art & craft
• Learn about careers in the art sector
• Collaborate with artists to develop their potential & ability
• Exhibit their work in a professional art gallery
• Nominate your child

Nominate your talented child…
As a teacher/parent/carer you can nominate children from Year 5 to 9 (KS2 & KS3) to join this exciting training programme. Send an example of their art work to us for consideration by the 13 December 2019. Please read the attachments to see what is needed…

Parent’s flyer & application form 19-20


Teacher’s flyer & application form 19-20