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 Work Experience

Work Placement opportunities are a great way of delving deeper into theatre life and finding out about the range of career opportunities that are available in the arts.
Places are limited so please apply as early as you can.

To make an enquiry or request an application form please email:

Once we have received your application, if there are places available, we will invite you to an interview, if successful a placement will be arranged for you.


Work Placement Blog

Dave Humphreys
University of Chester Drama and Theatre studies 2nd year student
08.05.17- 09.06.17

My five week period at Theatr Clwyd was unforgettable! Working for the engagement team enabled me to have so many opportunities to explore different aspects of the day-to-day work. During my time there I played a role in three projects, whilst also doing other smaller jobs, attending meetings and presentations; Project Hush, a site-specific piece, Theatr Clwyd’s co-production with Hijinx theatre- BoHo- and the pilot project, Junior Justice, workshops produced to make upper primary school students aware of cyberbullying and teach about the criminal court system. To be a part of these three projects in such a small amount of time was fantastic and was made even better by the respect from all the staff. They treated me as a part of the team and did not feel at one point isolated from them. If anyone is looking to do work experience, then this is the place to be, there are so many departments to be involved in and so many varying opportunities. I have thoroughly enjoyed my time at Theatr Clwyd and it has influenced the way I think about a future career in the theatre. So a massive thank you to Gwennan, Nerys, Emyr and the rest of the Theatr Clwyd team for a work experience I could only dream of and for being so welcoming.


Work Placement Blog

Caitlin Jones
Fine Artist

Being on a five week placement at Theatr Clwyd was such a valuable experience for me, I would welcome anyone to go and have a placement there. Being a Fine Art student, it is important for me to be able to be myself, as well as develop as an artist and my knowledge of the art world. So, by going to Theatr Clwyd, I was able to do just that, and was given the opportunity to create my own piece of art work entitled ‘Night Owl’, which is hung up in the theatre for the public to see. This then gave me the chance to develop my creativity skills, as well as my artistic skills, and enabled me to show the employees of Theatr Clwyd the type of artist I am, and my dedication towards my work and the placement. I was able to work alongside the scenic and prop artists of the theatre as I was creating my art work, which was nice to experience, because I was then able to see what projects were going on in the theatre, as well as what was to come. From the very start I wanted to be able to work with others and create my own piece of art, and I was able to do just that in the 5 weeks I was there. There was not a single day that I would have changed, only that it was a shame the placement went so quickly. One aspect of Theatre Clwyd that was lovely to see, was the fact that everyone I met was truly welcoming. There were no false personas, and everyone was genuine, and allowed me to be myself, and as creative as I wanted to be. No one was there to hold me back, which was encouraging for me, so I could be a true artist to myself and expand my skills. Being able to talk to the members of staff about my art work, and for them to like the finished product was also fantastic, because I felt I had set out what I wanted to achieve right from the very start. I was also able to work with a select few members of staff, with bouncing ideas off one another about various plans for up and coming events in Theatr Clwyd, which was interesting to learn about.

I know sometimes it can be daunting going into a new place, and feeling like the ‘new person’, but being at Theatr Clwyd you felt none of that. Being there was like being with an extended family, and every day for me was always full of art and creativity. Whether you like to create art, have a passion for acting, or have an interest in marketing, there is something there for everyone. The main point for me, was to have something up in the theatre when I left, so even though my placement is now over, I have been able to leave my mark in the theatre for everyone to see. This will then hopefully enable me to get my name out there as a fine artist, and allow people to see what I can do. I will definitely be keeping in touch with Theatr Clwyd in the near future, as there always seems to be opportunities around for art work, whether that be gallery work, or working with other artists. Plus, one of the main goals for the theatre is to have the community more involved within the arts, and take part in events and placements, whether that be voluntary or a placement like mine. I would encourage all people to give a placement at Theatre Clwyd a go, because everyone there is very supportive, and allowed me to develop as an artist by creating my piece ‘Night Owl’. Not only did I enjoy going there, but it felt like I had been working there for years, as I developed friendships and hopefully future artistic ventures. It was also nice to see the behind the scenes working of the theatre, because as a past actor, dancer and performer, I have put on various shows at Theatr Clwyd, but never seen what goes on in the background, to allow the productions to take place. So, if you are a creative person, or just want to see how a business works, ask to see if there is anything going in Theatr Clwyd for you. It has been such a great opportunity for me, it didn’t even feel like a placement, but more like a place where you meet friends and create art.