Artist and Company Residencies


Artist and Company Residencies 2019

Theatr Clwyd are announcing six residencies in 2019 to support artists and companies in the development of their work. Our residencies will include:

  • Between 1-2 weeks of rehearsal space (dates for which are below)
  • Office space
  • One-to-one advice and support from our Producing & Programming, Creative Engagement, Marketing, Production, Finance and/or Development Teams.
  • Support with funding applications
  • The opportunity to host a sharing of your work at the end of the residency to the Theatr Clwyd team and external stakeholders. We can also offer support in finding an audience for the sharing if you’d like.

Residency dates

1. w/c 28 January 2019 and w/c 4 February 2019

2. w/c 18 February 2019 and w/c 25 February 2019

3. w/c 11 March 2019 and w/c 18 March 2019

4. w/c 28 October and w/c 4 November 2019

Next year we are also excited to announce that two of the residencies will be specifically for companies developing work for family audiences. These residencies, as well as offering 1-2 weeks of rehearsal space, will also offer the opportunity to perform a scratch performance at Theatr Clwyd’s annual Family Arts Weekend. This is a wonderful opportunity to try out your work on a small family audience as part of the weekend which last year brought 5000 people into our building!

Both residencies take place w/c 8 and w/c 15 July 2019, with one scratch performance during next year’s Family Arts Weekend which will take place from Friday 26 – Sunday 28 July 2019. The exact day and time will be confirmed at a later date.

How To Apply

Please send us a document (3 sides of A4) or a video (3 minutes) which contains the following:

  • A summary of your work as an artist/company, perhaps information on previous productions or if this is your first, an idea of the work you want to make as a company
  • Tell us about the work you want to develop with us – what will you use the time for? What advice would be useful for you? Would a sharing of your work with feedback be valuable?
  • Please tell us which of the residences would work for you – if several would be possible, great! Please list them in order of preference.

Your document/video can include images, mind-maps, anything you like!

Please send your applications to Tom Bevan, Assistant Producer at Theatr Clwyd ( by 5pm on Friday 9 November 2018. We will offer the residencies to companies by Friday 16 November 2018.

You can see feedback from some of our previous company residencies below:


Companies we have supported…

Milky Peaks | Seiriol Davies

‘It was a total joy to spend time developing our new show at Theatr Clwyd. Milky Peaks was at that time at a point in its development where we needed to make some important choices and shifts in it, which seemed quite scary. The warmth of the welcome and the professionalism and non-pressurey attentiveness of the team there created the perfect environment for us to make these shifts and now the show is on a really exciting track. It is also brilliant to work in a building with such spark and confident creative ambition; it gives a great bar to live up to. I look forward immensely to being back there again, and would recommend working there in a heartbeat.’

Seiriol Davies

Howl’s Moving Castle | Tara Finney

‘It was great to kick-start our R&D for Howl’s Moving Castle at Theatr Clwyd – a show that fuses live action, puppetry & music it is vital to get the creatives together in a room to play around. And with the rolling Welsh hills visible through the rehearsal room windows, we could almost imagine the Castle wandering through the Waste right outside!”

Tara Finney, Producer

Electrolyte | Wildcard

“We had such a brilliant time at Theatr Clwyd!

It was brilliant to be able to have a creative and open space to really focus our energies into writing music and devising for our show; to be able to make as much noise as we needed! Theatr Clwyd were so supportive. We were given loads of advice for our future in terms of marketing, budgeting and how we can enable our show to have a future life after Edinburgh. We had a little showing on the last day at Clwyd and everyone who came gave us really helpful feedback. We managed to get a great deal done, and we had such a fun and inspiring week!”

Maimuna Memon, Creative Associate and Resident Composer

Dance piece for young people’ | Angharad Price-Jones

“We felt a great amount of support from the whole team at Theatr Clwyd. The opportunity to have time and space to explore and share our ideas has been invaluable. We look forward to further developing the work that we have researched in this R&D and are very grateful for the support of Theatr Clwyd and Arts Council Wales to make the first step in this production possible”

Angharad Price-Jones, Director.

The Edinburgh Test | Missmanaged Theatre Company

“In November 2017 Missmanaged Theatre were welcomed into Theatr Clwyd’s studio space to perform two focus groups of The Edinburgh Test, a play that explores the struggles and triumphs of four new mothers. Our audience was made up of Mothers of all ages from the area as well as trauma counsellors and nurses. After performing the play, which seeks to start a conversation on postnatal mental health, our audience were incredibly open in sharing their stories and providing feedback to help us create our final production.

I felt the aim of The Edinburgh Test’s Clwyd sharing was summed up by one very moved lady who said to us ‘I just didn’t know anyone else felt that way”

Rachel Harper, Writer

Project Hush | Papertrail Productions

Project Hush is a new production being developed by Papertrail with the support of the Arts Council of Wales and National Theatre Wales.

The inspiration for Project Hush is the site of the former weapons factory in Rhydymwyn Valley, which played a role in the development of the Atomic Bomb and the story of Kyoko Gibson who grew up in the aftermath of the bombing of Hiroshima and now lives in Wales.

“It’s a local story that has global significance and it has been hugely valuable to develop the idea with the support of local groups such as Rhydymwyn Valley History Society, students from Glyndwr University and participants from Theatr Clwyd’s drama group. It has also been very useful to have the support of Theatr Clwyd who have provided rehearsal and administrative support for the project. We will take what we have learnt from this Research and Development period and develop the script further before the project goes into full rehearsal and production.”
Bridget Keehan, Artistic Director

My PeopleInvertigo Theatre Company

A note from Steffan Donnelly, Co-Artistic Director:

We adapted My People, Caradoc Evans’ searing collection of short stories, which interrogate the values of the Nonconformist community in the rural West Wales of the early 1900s. The publication of My People in 1915 caused a literary sensation. It was denounced in The Western Mail as ‘the literature of the sewer’ and Evans was branded a national traitor.

Having toured to Theatr Clwyd on occasions in the past, we were incredibly excited when they agreed to develop and co-produce My People. The ambitious production we created together in November 2015 was instrumental in the development of our theatre company. The stories are challenging, angry, and complex, but with Theatr Clwyd’s expertise and resources, we were able to unpick them and bind them into a full script.