A few things to know before we kick off:

1. Refresh or reload this page on the day of the stream and you will be able to access the performance once you log in to your Theatr Clwyd account.

2. In the bottom right hand corner of the video are a few controls - one of these allows for full screen viewing!

3. If you have any issues, or are unable to access the event after purchasing a ticket and receiving your pdf ticket then scroll to the bottom of this page and we've got some common fixes that might help!

4. Enjoy the show!

Not got a password? Check out our problem-solving top tips below the videos!

Having problems? We can help!

Occasionally one or two people can have problems accessing the video. Here's a few things to try:

  • Don't have a password? - You'll need to create a password to access the video. If you click here, then "Forgotten Your Password? Reset here" - you can reset your password - use the e-mail address you bought your tickets with. You'll be sent a link which allows you to set your password. Check your spam folders as occasionally the password reset e-mail can get lost. If you have an issue e-mail us at support@theatrclwyd.com.
  • Problem logging in - You'll need to login to the account you created on this website when you purchased tickets to view this film. The e-mail address will be the one that your tickets were sent to and the password will be the one that you set when you bought the tickets.
  • I bought a ticket but I can't find them - Not to worry, login to your account on this website and you will get access to the video. Your tickets can be found in the top right menu by clicking My Account > E-Tickets.
  • The film seems jerky or keeps cutting out - This may be due to your internet speed or, sometimes, your computer speed. Try closing any additional browser windows and applications you have open. If you type "internet speed test" into google you can quickly check your download speeds. If this is an issue for you and the film is spoilt then do get in touch with us.
  • The sound isn't working - Double check that your volume is turned up and that your sound is set to come out of the right place for you when viewing (e.g. headphones or speakers).
  • I've reset my password but I've not received the password reset e-mail - Sometimes the password reset e-mails don't come through straight away. Check your junk or 'other' folders in your inbox (it'll be sent to the e-mail address your tickets were sent to) first. If that doesn't work then please get in touch and we'll help as best we can.
  • None of this helps I need to get in touch - Please do - you can either ring our box office telephone line (01352 344101), e-mail us (box.office@theatrclwyd.com) and include your phone number so we can call you back, or chat to us on the 'Chat' function at the bottom of the page.
  • Smart TV Issue? If you have a Smart TV it may not be possible to log in and watch from the built-in internet browser (as they tend not to be updated as regularly). If you're having issues we'd recommend (if you can) connecting your computer or mobile device to your TV using an HDMI cable or casting via Chromecast or Airplay.

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