A Building Made Of Stories - Experience

Welcome to A Building Made of Stories - an audio tour of stories and memories from the past 45 years of Theatr Clwyd.

Please use the map provided by the ushers to follow the route of the tour. We’ve hung a trail of gold stars throughout the building to help guide you. Once you arrive at each numbered location (as shown on the map and on stars displayed in each location), listen to the corresponding numbered audio track from the list below.

When you arrive at the Paint Frame, feel free to help yourself to a cup of tea, read the newspaper, watch some videos and leave your own memory.

Sain/Audio 1

Prologue gan ein Cwmni Ifanc / Prologue by our Young Company

Sain/Audio 2

Y Theatr Ar Y Bryn / The Theatre On The Hill: Veronica Roberts & Mavis Bartlett

Sain/Audio 3

Anthony Hopkins & Uncle Vanya: Pat Nelder & Rosie Sheehy

Sain/Audio 4

Theatre Weddings/Priodasau yn y Theatr: Dorothy & Russel Jackson, Lynwen Payne, Jane & David Watkins

Sain/Audio 5

Clwyd - Y Blynyddoedd yr Arddegau / Clwyd - The Teenage Years: Paul Von der Fecht & Roo Lander

Sain/Audio 6

Emlyn Williams: Lynwen Payne & Gwyn Vaughan Jones

Sain/Audio 7

Tyfu Fyny / Growing Up: Rachel Bown-Williams, Mark Ellis & Catrin Aaron

Sain/Audio 8

Cartref i bob Oedran: Ein Cymuned / A Home For All Ages: Our Community

Sain/Audio 9

Byd y Gwisgoedd / The World of Wardrobe: Emma Aldridge

Sain/Audio 10

Bywyd y Dame / The Life of a Dame: Phylip Harries

Sain/Audio 11

Sibrydion Cefn Llwyfan / Backstage Whispers: Catrin Fflur Huws, Wesley Charles, Steve Mahony, Cassey Driver, Llyr Evans

Sain/Audio 12

Y Theatr yn Tawelu / The Theatre Falls Silent: Tamara Harvey

Sain/Audio 13

Epilogue gan ein Cwmni Ifanc / Epilogue by our Young Company